Accl Speed Track Club Constitution

1. Accl Speed Track Club otherwise known as ASTC

2. This club shall be affiliated with USA Track and Field

3. Aims and Objectives:

Individual participation is a supplemental component to other organized activities to socially advance athletes

a] Planning delivering Track and Field programs to individuals and communities.

b] Ongoing understanding, goodwill and cooperation among all young


c] Develop and advance the purposes of the youth club.

d] Promote the extension of membership to all young people within the

prescribed age group. We must have the capacity to extend services to all students, otherwise implementing a filtration system

e] To take any action necessary for or conductive to the attainment of these


f] To promote the club affairs within the community and the major emphasis


g] To realize the full potential of young people with the objectives of assisting

them towards self reliance and service to the community and the nation at large.

4. Politics

Individual members may pursue their political beliefs.

5. Membership

Membership to the club be open to any person between the ages decided by the Executive Committee. The membership of an individual may continue until the end of the club’s financial year (December 29th) in which the new office bearers may be elected.

6. Termination of Membership

Any member may be suspended or terminated at anytime the executive decides that such member does not comply with the constitution and by-laws of the club or for any other good or sufficient reasons provided. A written explanation shall be provided with the opportunity to respond. Members so affected shall have a right of appeal to a special general meeting or Annual General Meeting.

7. Management

Subject to the supreme authority of the general meeting of members vest full authority and responsibility of or the management of the affairs of the club in the executive committee.

8. Auditor

An auditor shall be appointed by the Committee if necessary

9. Membership

1. Any member may resign from the club on giving to the secretary notice in writing of his intention to do so on paying all the dues up to the end of the financial year in which such resignation is made.

2. The Secretary shall keep a register of members showing full name, identifier, address, occupation, date of birth and such other information as the executive committee may from time consider desirable.

12. Membership Dues

1. The application fee shall be $100 USD or such other sum as may be decided at the committee meeting and shall be paid annually or bi-annually.

2. The subscription shall be paid to the Treasurer a minimum of 1 day before the member’s first day of practice.

3. Any person who has not paid his subscription and provided a physical examination within the time allowed above may not be allowed to practice.

13. Executive Committee

1. The Executive Committee shall consist of the President, Vice President, a Secretary, Treasurer and three members.

2. The quorum for the executive committee meeting shall be the majority of members personally or digitally present at the time of a meeting. In the initial stages of the club’s establishment the President, Secretary and Coach is an acceptable collective to action items and decisions.

3. The executive committee may fill any vacancy by appointing a member of the club if need be.

4. Any member who is absent from the 3 consecutive meetings without prior leave granted by the committee shall automatically vacate his or her position but shall be eligible for re-appointment.

15. Annual General Meeting

1. The AGM of the club shall be held one month after the end of the financial year. Members shall be given a clear 21 days notice of the time and place of such a meeting.

2. Notice of any motion to be considered at the AGM shall be lodged with the Secretary 14 days before the date of the meeting.

3. The business of the AGM shall be:

a) To receive and consider the AGM report of the President and the committee members.

b) To receive and consider an audited account of the club for the year.

c) To consider motions of which due notice has been given.

d) To fix the rate for subscription for the following year.

e) To deal with any other matters as may be introduced with the consent of majority of the members.

16. Voting

Only the financial members shall have the right to vote at any meeting.

17. Nominations

a] Nominations for the offices for which elections are to be held shall be submitted

to the Secretary not less than 72 hours prior to the AGM before the time of the meeting.

b] Members seeking election to the executive committee shall be only financial

members. The two financial members of the club shall also be nominated. The member shall signify their absent.

18. Elections

1. Elections shall be held to fill the following posts:

a) 1 President

b) 1 Vice President

c) 1 Secretary

d) 1 Treasurer

e) 5 Committee Members

2. If there are more nominations than vacancies, secret ballot shall be conducted and the result thereof declared immediately.

3. If there are fewer nominations than vacancies then these nominations shall be called for at the meeting or from numbers present who shall signify their willingness to be nominated.

4. The members of the executive shall resume office on the first day after the AGM.

19. Duties of: a) the President

1. To lead the club.

2. To advise, assist, motivate and supervise the members of the executive, ordinary members for its overall operation.

3. To make such news releases on behalf of the club as he considers necessary.

4. To reside at all meetings of the club.

5. To allocate duties to all members as necessary.

b) the Vice President

1. To assist the President in all of club activities and to act in his position during his absence.

2. To carry out such other duties as may be assigned to him by the President.

3. To motivate members to take part in all club activities.

4. To coordinate efforts with all members for smooth running of the club.

c) the Secretary

The duties of the Secretary shall be to attend all meetings of the club and to take minutes of all their proceedings and cause them to be entered as early as possible in the proper books provided for the previous meetings. To conduct general correspondence of the club and to prepare reports. To keep a register of the members and to perform all other duties.

d) the Treasurer

1. The duties of the treasurer shall be to collect and to promptly receive on account and for the use of the club, all sums due to the club and immediately thereafter to pay such bank. To keep correct accounts, books are particularly usually shown in records and books and other records showing the details of the financial affairs of the club. The issue of proper receipts for all money received from members.

2. Treasurer together with the President or the Secretary should be the signatories to the club’s Bank Account.

20. Tax Exempt Requirements

Accl Speed Track Club is an extension on Non-Profit Accl Speed Foundation. No part of the net income of the foundation or club may benefit or be distributable to its directors, officers, members, or other private persons, except when the organization authorizes the club to pay reasonable compensation for services rendered and making required operational payments.

21. Amendments

a) This constitution may only be amended with the approval of the 50% majority of the financial members of the club personally present.

b) Written notice of the proposed amendment should reach the Secretary seven [7] clear days and other members at least 24 hours before the meeting.

This constitution was passed at the meeting on: October 20th,  2020

President : Agreed

Vice President

Secretary : Agreed

Committee Member

Date October 20th, 2020